Clothing Labels – Rubber PVC Silicone Label

Using PVC labels, Rubber labels and Silicone labels and patches can enhance the look of your clothing and other products and add a new dimension in the look and feel. Rubber materials are used for their durability, longevity and color soundness.

We have produced PVC and Silicone labels not only for apparel and footwear companies but also to the automobile and packaging

PVC labels and patches are perfect for jeans, jackets, bags, footwear and other accessories, which usually need more unique brand identification methods than just woven labels.

Rubber labels, PVC labels and silicone labels and patches are excellent in expressing vivid colors with a 3D effect. You can also create your own key chains using these types of flexible material.

Custom Die Cut Shapes

Width, height, depth, and shape are fully custom made for your unique brand and logo. 3D effect can be highlighted with different depths.

Sharp Details

The texts in the art are clear and sharp with vibrancy. Small fonts are expressed using the most advanced skills in molding.

Fully Customizable

Patches can be customized with sewing channels, sticker backing or even with metal attachments. 3M reflective patches are also available.