Custom Tag Labeling

At Ink Brain Studios we offer custom tag labeling or apparel finishing services in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. We provide multiple options when it comes to giving your custom apparel the perfect label finishing. Custom labels or an apparel finishing is one of the most important areas associated with the production process of creating custom branded clothing. 

Many of our customers who purchase wholesale custom t-shirts have specific requirements in mind when it comes to how they want to market or label their clothes. At Ink Brain Studios, we understand how important it is to cater to those requirements for all our clients no matter how big or small your job is or whether it’s for a sweater or hat. During our custom tag labeling and apparel finishing stage, we take necessary steps to make sure our standards align perfectly well with customer requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction.

At Ink Brain Studios, our custom tag labeling and apparel finishing process can be split into 4 separate categories: